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[01/08/15] Serious Update:

I have concluded my work on the Autumn Park Mini Golf game. I'm extremely satisfied with the look and feel.

[11/14/14] Serious Update:

More tweaks to the Livescribe pages, plus we've now added our new Art Book documents to both our paid and free documents. Come take a look! Also, we've revamped our applications pages to reflect the work we've been doing on our new projects: Pesky Humans and Autumn Park Mini Golf. We'll be setting up download links for these two games upon their completion.

[06/22/14] Serious Update:

Minor tweaks to the Livescribe product page layouts... but what I'm really happy with is the development of my site dedicated to Pesky Humans. You can visit my new game project at and see all the updates relating to the game project!

Serious Tangents is my personal, project-development webpage. This year, my focus has been on the development of various documents used by the Livescribe Echo smartpen.
Had some false starts, made some great progress.
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Autumn Park Mini Golf is now available on both Steam and on the Android Store.
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